Resources for You

Pet Sitter Manual

Are you going away and worried about leaving your pets behind with your pet sitter?

Central Vet has got you covered with our Pet Sitter Manual!

Leaving our pets behind while we go away, can be nerve-wracking! To help ease some of that stress, we have developed a Pet Sitter Manual. It covers the common bases such as emergency contacts, feeding care, medication instructions and plenty more for your pet sitter!

Give yourself some peace of mind, knowing that your pets are at home with a comprehensive care plan with your pet sitter!

Grey Muzzle Program

At Central Veterinary Services, we understand that senior pets deserve specialized care and attention, and a little extra love! Designed with senior pet comfort and happiness in mind, this section of our website is dedicated to information about our Grey Muzzle Program and resources for seniors.

Senior pets (7 years and older) experience increased risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, dental disease, lumps and may require additional dietary and mobility considerations.

Guide To Traveling With Pets

Leading up to your trip, we recommend getting your pet comfortable with your vehicle. Start with putting their carrier in your vehicle for brief periods with rewards, then start taking short trips that gradually increase in duration and always reward your pet afterwards so they associate the carrier and the vehicle ride as a positive experience.