Grey Muzzle Program

At Central Veterinary Services, we understand that senior pets deserve specialized care and attention, and a little extra love! Designed with senior pet comfort and happiness in mind, this section of our website is dedicated to information about our Grey Muzzle Program and resources for seniors.

Senior pets (7 years and older) experience increased risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, dental disease, lumps and may require additional dietary and mobility considerations. This program differs from our general goals of wellness and preventive medicine, and instead focuses on physical and emotional wellness in the context of comfort and hospice care for senior pets.

Our patients will always be treated with kindness, respect, dignity, and compassion. We strive for meaningful interactions with our clients through collaborative care and consideration, allowing us to achieve truly optimal outcomes for our patients.

Our Grey Muzzle E-Newsletter is filled with information and resources focused on improving the lives of senior pets! The E-Newsletter is sent out quarterly (4 times a year) and each edition will address a relevant senior pet care topic. If you are interested in signing up to receive your electronic copy, please click here.

Senior Pet Care

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Integrative Medicines (Acupuncture, Laser & TCM)
Caregiver Support

Taking prolonged extensive care of a sick/painful senior pet can take a physical, mental and emotional toll on the pet’s caregiver(s). Energy caring for and worrying about your pet can take over the time and energy you’d usually spend caring for yourself.

For information on this experience visit:

Grief Support

The loss of a pet can feel devastating as you experience profound emotions of grief and sadness. Pets come into our lives and fill them with so much joy, so it is natural to feel different aspects of grief as you process difficult emotions.

While some people may not understand the depth of the relationship you had with your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend. At Central Veterinary Services, we understand that pets are a part of the family, companions, friends, a part of your routine, exercise partners, coworkers, sources of mental wellbeing and so much more.

While experiencing loss is an inevitable part of pet ownership, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain and come to terms with your grief. Visit the link below for more information and resources to help you both grieve and overcome the loss of your pet.

Pet Loss Grief Support
Children’s Book About the Loss of a Beloved Pet
Books on Pet Loss

Supportive and Hospice Care
More than 69% of euthanasia patients have not been in to see a veterinarian in the 18 months preceding their euthanasia. This means that most of the patients that we euthanized, could have benefited from some degree of supportive or hospice care in their final year of life. We strive to empower our clients to ensure their pet enjoys quality of life, with an emphasis on the human-animal bond.  Most importantly, we will do so without judgement. Many pet owners become self-conscious when their pet deteriorates, and they become embarrassed to bring them into the veterinary clinic.  We want to remove this barrier completely by providing safe, comfortable and inclusive experiences for all.
Quality of Life Assessment

We are often so close to our own pets; therefore, it can oftentimes be hard to consider the bigger picture when it comes to their quality of life. Using a tool to help assess different aspects of your pet’s social functions, health, mental health, and natural functions on a scale you can better determine your pet’s current quality of life. With the information from this tool, you and your veterinarian can come up with the best treatment and care plan for your pet at this time. As your pet ages, you may want to reassess their quality of life by completing this assessment again to determine if their current treatment plan is appropriate for their score.

To complete the Quality of Life Assessment we are referring to visit:

QOL scale
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Daily Assessment
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Assessment Calendar from Lap-of-Love
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How Do I Know When It’s Time? QOL Assessment
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End of Life/Euthanasia Considerations

Making the decision for compassionate euthanasia, even when we know it is the kindest option for our pet, is never easy. At Central Veterinary Services, we are here to help you with the process in a way that best suits you and your pet during this final act of kindness.

What to expect during your dog or cat’s euthanasia appointment.

For information on available cremation options/types