What to expect during a euthanasia appointment (Dog & Cat)

Upon your arrival to the clinic, one of reception team members will welcome you and get your family into one of our rooms where you will find a soft blanket laid out for your pet. If you feel comfortable to do so, a team member will go over the cremation, urn and pawprint options with you and answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer to make these selections before your appointment, you can review the information below and call us ahead of time to make arrangements. Your invoice can be paid over the phone or in person prior to the procedure so that you do not have to worry about doing so on your way out. Your vet team will enter and go over the steps with you. They will administer medication that is a mild sedative and relieves pain, allowing your pet to feel comfortable without pain or anxiety. They will then place a catheter in your pet’s vein (they may take your pet to the back for this). The vet team will exit the room to give you some time with your pet. They will check-in on you after a few minutes or ask that you let us know by a knock on the door to inform them that you are ready. When you are ready, the veterinarian will administer a second medication that will complete the euthanasia. You may wish to spend some more time in the room at this point. You may take all the time you need prior to leaving. If you have requested a pawprint memorial piece, we will make these ready to go home with you.

Euthanasia Electives

Prior to your arrival we ask our clients to complete our “Euthanasia Consent Form” at https://centralvet.ca/euthanasia-consent-form/. You will have the opportunity to make the following selections here.

Paw Print impressions –
Central Veterinary Services offers an in-house service of pawprint impressions following euthanasia appointments. These memorial pieces are made from a foam impression enclosed in a plastic case with a clear cover over the print and a space for you to insert a 3” x 3.75” photo of your beloved furry friend. We are able to complete these and have them ready to take home with you following the appointment.

Cremation Options
Central Veterinary Services uses “Precious Pet” for cremation services. Selections for type of cremation and optional return of ashes/urns can be selected through Central Veterinary Services at the time of appointment and will be relayed from us to “Precious Pet”.

Communal Cremation –
If you wish to have your pet cremated, however you do not wish to have their ashes returned to you, the option to select communal creation is available. This can be organized with our veterinary team members to be completed by “Precious Pet”.

Private Cremation –
If you would like to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, you may opt for a private cremation. A selection of urns are available through “Precious Pet” which can be viewed below in their catalogue. (Please note this selection is to be made at our veterinary clinic. Wherever applicable please note the page, colour and size for reference.)

A “scatterbox” option is available if you wish to only have the ashes returned.

For a catalogue of urn selections from Precious Pet

For information on available cremation options/types