Just like us, we want our pets to have a healthy smile! Canine and Feline oral and dental health is very important to their overall health! Alongside brushing our pets’ teeth, dental diets are a great source of daily preventative oral health.

Dental diets are formulated to help reduce the accumulation of tartar and plaque buildup in both our canine and feline friends. The kibbles are larger in size which helps promote a brushing effect as your pet chews the kibble. These diets are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). VOHC is a council that exists to recognize products that meet the standards to decelerate plaque and tartar build-up. Dental diets are recommended for all ages and sizes unless otherwise directed by your veterinary team.

Royal Canin, Hill’s, and Purina have wonderful veterinary-approved dental diets. They have options for feline and canine-specific and options for large and small breed dogs. Dental diets are a great option for our furry family members who are sensitive to having their teeth brushed. I have two large breed senior dogs that have been fed a dental diet for years, and I can see a positive difference in their oral health! They also enjoy the taste and the crunch. Dental diets can even be used as a low-calorie treat option!

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Written by Stephanie Guenette

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