Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams

It was a difficult decision. As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. And a teacher, I became! In fact, I held that title for 34 years. My career as an adult. It took 3 months of weighing the pros and cons to finally submit my retirement notice. And once that decision was made, I looked forward to beginning the next stage of my life journey. I wasn’t retiring from the work force with my retirement, but I really wasn’t quite sure what that next step was going to look like.

As I sat outside one beautiful summer day, I was perusing a local online job bank. It was there that I found a small ad. “We have expanded and are looking for individuals to join our team”, it read. “Maybe that person could be you and if it is, consider attending our job fair” I pondered as I already had an attachment to this business. It is the veterinary clinic that my pets and parent’s pets attend to. But what do I know about the veterinary industry? I’ve always been a teacher.

The day arrived for the job fair. What does one wear to a job fair? I haven’t had to apply for a job in 34 years! So I donned my best casual attire and headed off. Upon arriving at the clinic, I found myself among approximately 20 other individuals viewing for an opportunity to become part of a team…the Central Veterinary Services Team. Was I intimidated by these other 20 people? Totally! The majority of the other potential team members were half my age! What was I thinking?

Within minutes, the presentation began. We were given an overview of the clinic, how it came to be, the unveiling of the beautiful expansion and why the need for adding to the personnel at this point. A tour of the facilities was given with an in depth description of the potential positions available and the expectations that came with those positions. After the tour came an individual 5 minute interview where the owners could meet you, ask questions and allow you to express what you may, or may not, be interested in. Five minutes to make or break the decision to hire you! Again, I hadn’t had to experience this type of interview in 34 years!

Well, after a few days of questioning what did I just do, Central Veterinary Services reached out to me. They liked me! They wanted to offer me a position on their team! I thought “Oh my gosh! What did I just do? I’m supposed to be retired!”.

That was almost 3 years ago! I began my new career in August 2017 as a receptionist for Central Veterinary Services, and now I am presently an Office Assistant who tends to work behind the scenes now. And I love it! Because for 34 years, I was front and center. I had to be a teacher. I truly enjoy the behind the scenes look and operations of a business.

To end my story, I must share a small piece of information that was shared with me from the owners that hired me. I guess I always wondered how I was able to capture their “attention” in a 5 minute interview. Well, ironically one day it was shared with me. As told to me by Dr. Dave Snell, I did have a good interview but what really sealed the deal occurred years earlier. I am referring to when we were faced with what we thought was a end of life decision for our pet, we had sought out the advice and recommendation of Dr. Snell, our vet. He shared with us an opportunity in attempt to allow our pet to stay with us. We jumped at this opportunity, and we were given another 5 years with our dog. He said, anyone that would go to that degree for their pet, he wanted to have on his staff. Wow, I was taken aback!

And here we are, my new career working at a veterinary clinic! Would I change anything? No way! I work with the most amazing team of professionals that give it their all with love, compassion and tenderness. And what truly amazes me is this same group of individuals are easily half my age but accept and treat me with the utmost respect and kindness. Has it been an easy transition from teaching to the veterinary field? I’d say so for the most part. I know we have had some great laughs at some of my comments as I learned some of the veterinary terminology, especially in the large animal sector but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing!

Written by Jennifer Adams, Office Assistant