In my recent “internet travels” I started to look into some of the best pet-related apps on the market.  This quickly became a Top 5 list that I hope you will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of these companies or websites.  They simply looked cool to me so I decided to share them with you!

1. Dog Training and Clicker by Dogo

This looks like a promising app.  It comes highly reviewed on a number of forums.  The app teaches you how to use clicker training with your dog.  Not only does it provide step-by-step instruction, it also has a built-in “Clicker” function. Other features include a library of more than 70 tricks to learn, progress trackers, consultation with trainers and submission of your video exams to pass various levels of training.    No, this doesn’t replace your in-person classes and advice from your certified local trainer.  BUT it is a great resource for you and your dog, and a way to spend quality time together at home. The free version allows access to the clicker, first five tricks, submission of one exam and many useful articles.

2. Relax My Cat: Relaxation Music for Cats (YouTube, Spotify or App)

All I can say is, “Sign me up!” The contents of this app are also available on Spotify and YouTube. The music has been specifically composed with cats in mind, and you can select the playlist based on your cat’s needs.  Whether it is to combat anxiety, a busy household or to keep your kitten or senior cat calm and content.  The music has been selected based on research to determine the frequency, volume, tempo and arrangements of music that cats find appealing.  Bonus feature: the music IS very relaxing.  So humans benefit as well. Music is available for FREE on YouTube, and you may purchase a subscription on other streaming devices.

3. Cat Fishing by Purina

I am sure everyone has seen this app by now, however if you have been living in isolation prior to the official COVID-19 isolation period, here it is!  An interactive touch-screen game for your cats involving fish swimming around on your Ipad.  As per usual, some cats love it, and some merely glance at the screen with apparent disdain.  It is however FREE, so it’s certainly worth a try.  

4. Dog Walk

Similar to any running app, this one tracks your dog-walking route.  It includes a map with your distance and time by using your smartphone’s GPS function.  It’s FREE.  Now your dog can brag about how far they walked today on their own social media accounts.


This isn’t an app so much as a fantastic website.  Cats need mental stimulation and exercise.  Food puzzles are the perfect way to combine both of their needs into one activity.  This website has links to endless food puzzles for purchase. However, what I love most is the section on DIY food puzzles. There are many easy-to-make food puzzle designs that you can create at home.  Voila, an activity for you and your cat!

Written by Dr. Samyra Stuart-Altman
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