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Have you ever gone for a massage or went to physiotherapy after an injury?

Sometimes our pets can greatly benefit from the same therapies, and in veterinary medicine this is called rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a broad term that covers many different treatment modalities that are all non-invasive, relaxing, and can greatly benefit the overall well being of your pet. We are lucky to have an in-house RVT, Shai Wood, who has completed her Canine (and Equine!) Rehabilitation Certification. She evaluates each dog and works with you to develop a rehabilitation plan that is specific to the patient’s lifestyle, physical needs, current issues, and your goals as an owner. Rehabilitation is not only for the old or the sick; rehab can be applied in many different cases which include:

  • Neurological Retraining
  • Post Operative Pain Control 
  • Muscle Training (a controlled way to rebuild muscle after surgery or broken leg) 
  • Massage to Ease Spasm or Sore Muscles 
  • Specific Muscle Strengthening for Athletic Dogs 
  • Range of Motion Exercises to Increase Mobility
  • Stretching to Relieve Tense Muscles 
  • And Many More…..

The great thing about rehabilitation is it’s an alternative source to help your dogs that can be a non-pharmaceutical option, limit the use of pharmaceuticals, or work in conjunction with drug therapy. Rehabilitation techniques can be taught so that you can also help your companion with the progression of their plan in the comfort of your own home. Contact us if you are interested in our rehabilitation services.