PetDesk App & CVS Loyalty Program

At Central Veterinary Services, we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our clients and enhance your customer experience. Part of this includes offering a frictionless means of communication, where you can stay connected with us from anywhere, at any time. Downloading and installing the PetDesk app allows you to do just that. This app allows you to stay connected and ensures that you truly reap the rewards of being part of our Central Vet community.

Why You Should Download PetDesk to Your Phone
PetDesk offers a variety of features that make it easier for you to manage your pets’ care and stay in contact with your veterinary team. These features include:  

  • Setting reminders for recurring treatments and medications for your pet  
  • Scheduling and confirming veterinary appointments  
  • Receiving appointment reminders and confirmations  
  • Being able to request appointments at any time thanks to our 24/7 online appointment request feature  
  • Taking pertinent notes regarding your pet’s health and behaviours that you can use at their next vet visit  
  • Receiving reminders to book your pet’s next appointment(s)  
  • Tracking your pet’s complete medical history, including their vaccinations and any medications they’re taking  
  • Being able to forward vaccination records to your groomer, boarding facility and/or dog daycare with one easy click  
  • The option to redeem rewards as a discount towards future visits by enrolling in our CVS Loyalty Program  
Our CVS Loyalty Program
Through PetDesk, we can keep you in the loop regarding limited-time offers and seasonal specials on select products and/or services with our CVS Loyalty Program. With each vet visit, you can unlock new and increasingly better rewards that can save you money! Some of the rewards include $5, $10, and $100 off your next visit, free nail trims, and free veterinary exams.   
To begin earning rewards, please visit the “Providers” tab of your PetDesk app and click on “CVS Loyalty Program.” You’ll earn 500 bonus points just for signing up! 

How to Sign Up with PetDesk

Be sure to use the email address we have on file at our veterinary clinic to access your pet’s records, which will auto-populate on your account after signing up.

Signing up with PetDesk is easy. If you have an iOS device, you can access the PetDesk app from the Apple Store. For Android devices, go to the Google Play store.