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October is the perfect time to book your pet’s Spay or Neuter!

At Central Veterinary Services our purpose as a veterinary clinic is to help our patients and their caretakers live longer healthier lives together. We also have a keen focus on the global one health initiative, and the impact overpopulation has on animal and human suffering.

Did you know that every year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, are euthanized? The good news is that responsible pet owners like you can make a difference! By having your dog or cat sterilized, you will do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters, helps to protect against or prevent some serious health problems, and may reduce many behaviour problems associated with the breeding instinct.

To combat this problem and raise awareness we are taking 15% off spays and neuters for your dogs and cats this month, to facilitate getting this important service done for your pet.

Spaying your dog or cat


Removing a female dog or cat’s ovaries eliminates heat cycles and generally reduces unwanted behaviours that may lead to owner frustration. Timely spaying of female dogs and cats at approximately 6 months of age can help to protect them from some serious health problems later in life such as uterine infections and breast cancer.

Neutering your dog or cat

Removing the testes from male dogs and cats reduces the breeding instinct, making them less inclined to roam and more content to stay home where they are safest. Neutering your male pet can also lessen its risk of developing an enlarged prostate gland or testicular cancer.

We always recommend speaking with your family veterinarian about timeframe before planning your pet’s spay or neuter because circumstances, physical condition, as well as breed can play a role in their recommendations.

While both spaying and neutering are major surgical procedures, they are also the most common surgeries performed by our veterinarians on cats and dogs. Like any surgical procedure, sterilization is associated with some anesthetic and surgical risk, but the overall incidence of complications is very low and we do everything we can to ensure the safety of your pet.

Before the procedure, your pet is given a thorough physical examination to ensure he/she is in good health, and pre-anesthetic bloodwork is recommended each time your pet goes under anesthesia. This helps us to ensure that your pet is as healthy on the inside as they appear on the outside. We take a small blood sample, and use our in-house laboratory to check on your pet’s internal organ functions. Knowing this information can give us the ability to catch something before it gets advanced and/or clinical.

General anesthesia is administered to perform the surgery and medications are given to minimize or eliminate pain. During their procedure your pet is monitored for the entirety by one of our Registered Veterinary Technologists who keeps a close eye on their heart rate, ECG waveform, respiratory rate, CO2 levels, oxygenation levels, temperature, blood pressure and visual parameters that let us know depth of anesthesia. We also provide supplemental heat before, during and after your pet’s procedure to ensure they are comfortable throughout.

Recovery involves keeping your pet as calm as possible for about 10-14 days, this includes only on leash bathroom breaks if your pet goes outdoors and no long walks, running or jumping. We also provide you with a plastic cone (you may choose to upgrade to a soft “Kong Cloud Collar”) which should be kept on when your pet is not being watched to prevent any licking which can result in infection. In addition, there should be no swimming or baths for about 4 weeks after their surgery.

During the month of October to bring awareness to spaying and neutering we are offering 15% off of all dog or cat spays or neuters!

This includes:

  • 15% off of the recommended pre-anesthetic bloodwork

  • 15% off of the surgical cost including hospitalization for the day, monitoring, perioperative pain medications and anesthetic agents and the removal of their reproductive organs

  • 15% off the optional items including a tattoo, a microchip and/or intravenous or subcutaneous fluid therapy

    *No discount on pre-op or post-op medications. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer/discount.

Your pet’s surgical appointment must be booked between October 1st, 2020 and October 31st, 2020 to take advantage of this offer. However, the procedure can occur outside of this window to accommodate all of the new puppies and kittens we have been lucky to meet in the last little while.

Do you have any more questions we can clear up?

Feel free to email us at or call us at 204-275-2038. We’d be happy to provide additional information along with the cost of the procedure including the available discount based on your pet’s species, age, breed and weight! Hope to hear from you soon!