Socialization is just as important in kittens as it is in puppies. Kittens who are well socialized at a young age will grow up to be much more interactive with the family and be able to handle the stressors of life (visitors, moving, new cats to the neighbourhood, etc) than kittens who are not well socialized. When kittens are young (especially younger than 4 months), they are very sensitive to training and social learning, making it an ideal time to teach them positive associations. 

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When it comes to various behaviours your kitten is exhibiting, why is it important to consider what is and isn’t normal in your kitten’s behaviours? For example, is your kitten’s tendency to attack your feet as you walk past normal? Is the fact that he runs and hides whenever someone new comes into the house a normal behavior? Also, activities such as scratching your living room furniture and attacking house plants do stem from a cat’s innate need to explore and play, but there are ways to stimulate your kitten and re direct the play to preserve household items and keep you and your kitten safe. Also, by addressing unwanted behaviour early on, we are much more likely to reverse the behaviour and have a positive outcome – leading to a happier relationship between cat and caregiver!

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