Advances in technology have greatly increased our ability and accuracy when diagnosing and treating disease.  Digital imaging allows us to share information and opinions with experts in the field worldwide and also share the images with you as an owner. 

Digital Radiology – X rays at a glance, images are clear concise and immediately available. X-rays can be used to detect foreign bodies in the abdomen, changes in heart size and shape, changes in lung patterns, fractured bones, inflammation in joints….. and the list goes on. X-rays are one of the most versatile tools we have to help detect problems in many different body systems.

Digital Ultrasound – We are pleased to offer abdominal, cardiac, pregnancy and regional ultrasound services for our clients and by referral. Ultrasound is more precise in detecting changes in soft tissue and organs that we cannot visualize otherwise. Ultrasound can be used on its own or in conjunction with other testing to improve diagnosing and treating disease. 

Endoscope – Sometimes we know what we want to look at, but just can’t get there. An endoscope is able to get to those hard to see places and gives us an idea as to what’s going on without having to perform invasive surgery. In some instances we can remove obstructions or small foreign bodies as well.