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Financial Considerations: How can I prepare myself?

As the saying goes “old age doesn’t come alone”, as your pet enters its senior years, you can bet you will start to see changes in your pet that indicate special tests, treatments/supplements or diets that may be needed to help your friend age gracefully.

If your pet has been generally healthy throughout its adult life, now is a perfect time to consider pet insurance. Most pet insurance companies will take on older pets, and will cover almost every condition that was not pre-existing prior to the insurance starting. Some insurance companies will even cover routine testing (screening blood work) and procedures (dental work) recommended by your veterinarian. 

Keep in mind that pet insurance is NOT for everyone. Visit for a non-biased approach to navigating pet insurance, with practical tips on deciding if it is right for you and your pet. If you have further questions about pet insurance, please call our office, where one of our friendly staff can answer your questions and help you choose which insurance is best for you.

Other ways to prepare financially for health care costs for your aging pet, include setting aside a set amount of money every month to build a ‘nest egg’ if needed for routine or unforeseen veterinary care, medication/supplements, items for an improved environment (extra comfy dog bed, new toys) or special diet costs.