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February is Dental Health Month

When you book your dog or cat in for a dental

during the month of february you’ll receive:

15% off any Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork

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This is your option before a dental procedure. We highly recommend this for every animal undergoing anesthesia and especially a dental procedure. A small amount of blood is sampled. Our specialized in-house blood machines evaluate your pet’s red blood cells for anemias, platelet numbers for adequate blood clotting, abnormalities in white blood cell numbers that would indicate infection, and kidney and liver values to evaluate full organ function. Even if all the results come back “normal,” this is powerful information that provides us with a baseline.

*Discount valid only off of in-house bloodwork.

15% off of full mouth dental radiographs & dental clean, scale and polish bundle for your pet

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Dental radiographs (aka. x-rays) help us to visualize the structures of the tooth that lie below the gum line that we cannot otherwise see with our own eyes. This information helps us to acknowledge the presence of subgingival infections, fractures, tooth resorption and other disease processes, and from there provide treatment to ensure your pet’s mouth is as happy and healthy as it can be.

Once radiographs have been taken, our trained technicians will perform a full dental cleaning. This is where we take an ultrasonic cleaner and scale each tooth, both what’s visible and under the gums, to ensure that tartar doesn’t remain to irritate the gums and affect the overall health of the tooth and root(s). After we scale each tooth, we also use the same kind of dental polish that is used at your dentist. Sadly, as our furry friends can’t tell us what flavour they want, we give them fresh fruit punch flavour! Finally, a dental chart is drafted to record the details of your pet’s mouth for their medical record.

15% off any necessary dental extractions for your pet

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After we perform our oral exam to evaluate and clean each tooth we then will proceed with extractions if they are needed. At times, it is necessary to remove the bulky calculus in order to determine the true health of the tooth.

Extraction is a very specific technique to ensure that we get the entire tooth (roots and all). When we have determined which extractions are necessary, we use a dental nerve block which is a freezing agent administered around the local nerve that communicates with the teeth to be extracted so your pet feels no pain. The freezing effect will last for a few hours. Often after we take a tooth out, we will place sutures in the gum tissue if it was a large tooth. The sutures are dissolvable and will slowly disappear (or fall out) as the gum heals, and smaller extraction sites will remain open as they typically heal well on their own. Extractions can be very in-depth and may warrant an antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory prescription to go home after the dental or to be started prior to the dental.

*No discount off of pre-op or post-op medications. Above discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Wanting an estimate before you book your pet’s appointment?

We will be doing complimentary pre-dental exams for new & current patients by appointment for the month of February.

We are also offering 10% off our dog and cat dental products

such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, water additive, dental food

and much more this month!

call or text us at 204-275-2038 or email us at to book your pet’s appointment leading them to a brighter, healthier smile!