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wellness exams

Time for a check up?

Routine “Wellness” examinations, even on our healthy pets, is highly recommended. Often these exams are recommended once yearly, or more frequently for our senior animals. These visits to the hospital are an important time for caregivers to bring up any concerns they  may have about their pet. A thorough history of how your pet has been doing is taken and a tip of nose to tip of tail hands on full body exam is performed by our veterinarians to check for any abnormalities. Other important components of wellness such as nutrition and behavior are also addressed (check out our nutritional consultation, behavioral consultation services). This allows us to make any recommendations that will help achieve utmost health and quality of life for your pet. Vaccinations and parasite control are other important components of our yearly visits with your pet – we aim to build individualized vaccine and anti-parasitic protocols depending on each pet’s lifestyle.  

Sick animal exams are needed whenever an unexpected illness or problem arises. If you feel like your pet is not acting like itself, our team is always happy to help. We will ask pertinent questions about the problem and thoroughly examine your pet. After an exam, we can then discuss recommendations and options for diagnostic testing and treatment to devise a plan of action that works best for you and your pet. 

At Central Veterinary Services we aim to make every visit for your pet as stress-free and pleasant as possible. We always offer compassion and patience to our clients and their pets as we know a visit to the vet is not always enjoyable. Furthermore, any questions you may have regarding your pet’s health and wellness are always more than welcome. Records of these check ups are always available to you so that any information covered during your appointment is accessible to you at your convenience.