breeding and reproduction

Ready for a foal?

Central Vet is prepared to help you the entire way from breeding to foaling. Having a foal is not always just about getting a mare pregnant but also about proper nutrition, vaccination, and deworming.  We offer the following services for both mares and stallions:

Pre-breeding evaluation (recommended for all mares before breeding)

  • Ultrasound
  • +/- Uterine Culture
  • +/- Uterine Biopsy

Artificial Insemination

  • Fresh semen
  • Frozen semen 

We also store frozen semen at our facility for current year or future use.

Embryo transfer

  • Collection of an embryo for transfer to another mare to carry the pregnancy, this is an excellent way to harness your horses genetic potential without halting their training or performance. We perform ET for our clients or on a referral basis.

Stallion evaluation

  • Semen collection and evaluation.


  • Dystocia is rare but life threatening for both mare and foal. Be prepared and ask your vet. Foaling can occur anywhere from 320 days to a full year after conception. Checking the foal the day after birth is important and allows us to check for adequate colostrum intake with a simple blood test.