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Massage and rehabilitation is a relatively new and growing medicine in the equine world but gives all the amazing benefits we see in human medicine. Horses are amazing athletes and the therapeutic application of specialized massages can greatly benefit them in many different ways. All massages are coordinated by our RVT Shai Wood who has completed her equine (and canine) rehabilitation certification down at the University of Tennessee. Shai works very closely with the veterinarian in charge of the case to formulate the best plan for your horse and to be able to get the biggest benefits. Each plan is designed specifically to each horse with their lifestyle, physical needs, current issues, and your goals in mind. Some examples that massage can benefit are:

  • Neurological Retraining
  • Post Operative Pain Control 
  • Muscle Training (a controlled way to rebuild muscle after stall rest or surgery)
  • Massage to Ease Spasm or Sore Muscles 
  • Stretching to Relieve Tense Muscles 
  • And Many More…

The great thing about massage is it’s an alternative source to help your horses that can be a non-pharmaceutical option, limit the use of pharmaceuticals, or work in conjunction with drug therapy. Massage and stretching techniques can be taught so that you can also help your companion with the progression of their plan while Shai is not present and long term. Contact us if you are interested in our rehabilitation services.