Earth day has been celebrated by the world since 1970, and has been increasing traction throughout the generations. Many people have dogs, cats, and other pets where they appreciate being outside, so here are 5 ways to help the environment while enjoying time with your best friend!


1.   Walk outside (although in a place where you can stay at a minimum six feet apart from other people). This is something that you already do with your pet, and using Earth Day as an excuse is a great way to start off your day! While going for your walk, try to find a park or hike close to your house so you can easily ditch your car (and carbon emissions). Another way to increase your earth healthy walk is to bring along a garbage bag on your way and to pick up any trash you might find!


2.   Using recycle friendly waste bags to pick up any deposits from our furry friends! Many poop bags we see on the shelves today are in fact not recyclable, and can even stop a load of recycling from being properly reused as it contaminates the load. Making sure to take the extra step when purchasing can prove to have great benefits for the environment! 


3.   Similar to finding environmentally friendly waste bags, if you can (considering your pets health and if there are any allergies) find and invest in treats and food that are healthy and safe both producing, and recycling the package once you are done. There are quite a few companies to chose from, and so knowing which ones are recycle friendly can be confusing. Just remember to look for the recycle sign on the bottom of the package and you’ll be taking a great step for becoming more earth conscientious!


4.   Another great way to celebrate is by donating any old towels or blankets to animal shelters! They are always in need, and rather than buying more, using hand me downs is a fantastic way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!


5.   Plant a veggie or fruit for both you and your pet to enjoy! This helps both the environment, and your relationship with your pet. Some easy veggies to grow would include carrots, celery, lettuce and broccoli! Blueberries and cantaloupe are just some of the fruits that your furry friend may also love! Who knows, you may just end up with a full garden after a few years of celebrating Earth day! 



Whether you’re spending Earth Day social distancing outside, or choosing to go through your old laundry hamper to find things to donate, it will be one where you remember to love your pet and the earth. Hopefully learning some new ways to implement healthy livening into your everyday lifestyle!

Remember to love this planet (and your pets!) with all you’ve got, as they’re one of a kind! 


 Written by Allison Shaw, Hospital Assistant