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During a wellness exam with your veterinarian your cat’s behaviour should always be discussed. Of course, changes in behaviour can often indicate a medical condition so should be addressed promptly. Once a medical condition is ruled out as the cause of the change, we are often left wondering what we can do to improve or change unwanted behaviours. Unfortunately, unwanted behaviours such as scratching/chewing, fighting with other animals in the house, and urinating outside the litter box can put a significant strain on the relationship between animal and caregiver, leading to frustration. There are many resources available to help. Because we believe in creating an enriched environment for your pet, as well as a stress-free life as possible, we are always willing to discuss and help when unwanted behaviours arise. For those interested, we offer consults with Dr. Landsberg, a board certified small animal behaviourist. Together, we can discuss various ways to enrich your cat’s environment which can lead to a happier, less stressful life for your companion. Visit our Environmental Enrichment section in our Kitten Centre for more information. 

Visit this site for a pdf questionnaire (scroll to bottom of page) to assess your animal’s behaviour (this, along with a medical history form filled out by your veterinarian, is sent to Dr. Landsberg for analysis):

Visit this resource for many common behaviour problems and how to address them:

Another resource for behavioural guidelines: